Hope Dries Tears

When seeking to comfort a grieving friend we remind ourselves that we do indeed grieve but NOT as those who have no hope. Grief is a place of brokenhearted loneliness.  I am crushed with loneliness when I grieve because no one can experience my personal loss. I am the only one who really knows the complexity of what is gone.

The introduction of hope to the grieving heart must be carefully timed. Delivered too early, the hope described can sound like an abrasive cliché. Delivered too late, perceived hopelessness becomes a breeding ground for despair.

So, this is what I am asking from my friends:

Let me grieve—-but not too long

Remind me of my hope—but not too early.

Walk with me and watch with me as hope dries tears.

How have you accessed the hope that is the anchor for your soul?

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