A Prayer after Christmas

Good and Loving God,

This year as I think about all the preparations for Christmas and then acknowledge that, for some, the hopes for the day could not be met, I am remembering the Garden of Eden.

I am so sorry that we broke your heart by not just walking with you there and enjoying everything your heart had prepared for us.

Thank you that your love never stopped flowing toward us. Thank you for breaking into history as a helpless baby so we could have a context for knowing you.

I am sorry that so often I blame you as the cause of the problem when all the while you are working to redeem the story of walking together in the beauty and peace of the garden.

Last week I read that children are captivated by the cradle but for adults the cross is near the cradle.

Thank you for your work on the cross that clears the way for us to walk with you again.

Thank you that by defeating death we know nothing is too hard for you

Thank you for your indwelling Spirit.

May this year be one in which we walk in the wonder of your Presence.

May we not miss the joy you have planned for us and may you know the joy of us being children who love you as the Giver and Gift of Christmas.


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