Time Heals

I am familiar with the phrase “Time Heals” when applied to an ache or pain. Sometimes time is the best medicine. I recently watched as time was the basket in which a different type of healing was delivered. Here is the story.

A person who has suffered much from physical pain, emotional agony, spiritual darkness, and relational disappointment agreed to accept a visit from yet another Christian, but there was something different about this visit. Instead of leaving a trail of more empty promises and unfounded advise, this visitor is remembered as someone who would be welcomed to come again, in fact with a hope that she will come again.

How was she different? I could honestly say she was authentic, nonjudgmental, a good listener, compassionate and fun. All of this is true, but if I wanted to pick one characteristic as the critical game changer I would add another attribute.

What I would say is that she was all of the above framed in the gift of time. She did not make an appointment. She did not check her watch. She came and stayed. When we all got tired she asked what time it was.  Her husband had to call her to see if she was all right because it was now late.

Does time unmeasured, freely given express love that heals?


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