Packaged So it Will Not Break

After a trip to sort the possessions of my friend, who recently died, I returned home and realized I had forgotten one precious item. It is interesting to learn what becomes important when the one who is most important dies.

Looking for a way to recover this item, I called the agent who would be doing the estate sale and told her there was one thing that I really wanted but had left behind. I described the item, which was a fragile glass cylinder containing remnants from my trip to Africa in 2003. I had brought these remnants home at the request of this friend. Remembering how important they were to her and how carefully she had created this canister melded the memory of this friend with the memory of this object and it became essential that it be recovered.

The estate sale agent assured me she would look for it. Before long, she called and said she had found it and taken it to a UPS store that would ship it to me.

Receiving the phone call from the UPS agent, who was calling for my credit card number, I asked him if he thought this item could be shipped without it breaking.

With confidence he said, “I have packaged it so that it will not break”.

 Yesterday a huge box was delivered from UPS. I opened it to find an arms length of packing peanuts protecting this glass cylinder that was also wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap secured by packing tape.

It was no surprise to extract my precious memoriam totally intact.

As I reflected on this experience, I was reminded again of God’s grace to me.

By sealing me with His Holy Spirit, I am packaged so that I will not break.

I may at times feel forgotten. I may travel on a journey with many starts and stops, many incidents of rough handling by those who do not recognize my fragility.

But, I will arrive at my destination intact.

I am a package belonging to Our Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit I will be delivered into the arms of Our Heavenly Father.

I am packaged so that I will not break.



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