That One Wants to Live



I was looking up the number to call the Garden Center when I remembered that my friend (86 y/o) who worked at this Garden Center would have the wisdom I needed.

This friend is mentally quicker than most of my younger friends. I love to find a reason to call her because I always find her delightful.

After the usual catch up that an infrequent conversation requires, I told her the reason for my call.

I had purchased two bamboo plants from the Garden Center where she worked prior to her retirement. I explained to her that I had been told I could put them in water or potting soil and the results would be the same.

So, I secured one in a bed of rocks and filled the tube with water. The other I secured in a bed of rocks but filled the vase with potting soil. (OK, Let’s be honest. When I asked my husband to water the plants while I was gone for an extended time, I forgot to tell him about these bamboos.)

So now, I am home and the bamboo in water is thriving, but the one in potting soil looks dead.

Yet, there is a green crown on the top of the “dead” stalk and when I pulled the stalk out of the soil I found roots.

Hearing this story my friend initially said we could try an experiment and cut the stalk close to the leaves but when she heard the stalk had roots her tone changed to optimism. “Oh, if this plant has roots it wants to live”. She went on to instruct that I wash the roots well and remove all the dead leaves from the stalk. She then said to get rid of all the soil, rinse the rocks, secure the stalk in the clean rocks, fill the vase with water and pray over it.

I told her I would do these things and then call and let her know what happened. She said, “Please do”.

As I observe this plant, I wonder how many people I meet who look like they aren’t going to make it. I pray that I remember to check and see if they have roots. I pray that I watch for evidence of green life. I ask for wisdom to help them rinse off that which is choking their growth. I want them to have access to both a strong foundation and living water.

I trust that when I look like this hopeless plant someone will do these things for me.

May we recognize “That One Wants to Live”!

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