I am Home

For background on this story please read Silverstrands.org Mar 3, 2017

Between then and now (April 16, 2017) this dog has been transported to my home where she “was” to stay “temporarily” but…



(Story through Molly’s eyes)

It’s taken a few weeks for the one who inherited me to claim me as her own. I have belonged to her legally, ever since my first owner’s will was processed. Yet, there has been a lot of pondering.

We have all been sad and that makes it hard to make decisions. The final decision has to be made by the writer of this blog. She kept turning the words of her dying friend over in her mind, “Find a good home for my baby”. The baby she was referring to was me.

As you know from reading the blog of March 3, 2017, I have been a consistent love sponge. My quest has not been easy. I overheard this writer on the phone one day as she said, “All this dog needs is someone to love her. It doesn’t matter who it is. This dog just needs 25 hour attention from someone”.

Well, I knew she believed that but I have been relentless in convincing her that it is not just love I need, but her love.

Today, on Resurrection Day, the barrier came down. My legal owner has chosen to be my owner. As we walked today she told me that I had a new address and to my jump up and down shivering delight it was the same as hers.

I am not staying here until she finds a good home. I AM home!!!!


(Story through writer’s eyes)

As I look into the eyes of this precious ball of white fur, as I feel her press her body against my back in the night, as I find her waiting at whatever door I come in with her little tail wagging with all it’s might, I recognize that the only way I have of loving my friend, who died, is loving the animals she left.

Which is not a very hard assignment.

So, I can check one more thing off my list. “Where will this little dog be placed?” This is no longer a question. This little dog belongs to me.

I am glad I made the decision on Easter. I am hesitant to make any comparison to the death and Resurrection of Jesus, but I am aware today that the curtain than was rent on Friday gives me a new definition of home.

I want to more fully realize how unrelenting God is in convincing me that He doesn’t just generally love, He loves me personally.

And with the inauguration of the Kingdom I have a new address.

Thank you, Jesus for making a way for me to look into your eyes and say, “I am home”.



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