Finding Jesus in “A Place like This”.

The conception of these thoughts rest in a question that has burned indelibly into my heart.

My friend was slowly regaining consciousness as she was recovering from a life threatening brain bleed. She was able to raise two fingers on command. To my delight, as I stood beside her SICU bed she looked at me with recognition and asked, “How do you find Jesus in a place like this?”

I knew the place she was referencing was not the hospital room but rather the mental wilderness of not being able to access her own mind.

My answer, which seems weak in hindsight, was “you rest and let others pray for you”.

Since this memorable day I have pondered the various encounters we have with “a place like this” where finding Jesus feels elusive.

Maybe the “place” is a physical or mental health crisis, maybe it is a relational crash, maybe it is a dashed hope, or a mountain that refuses to move.

All of these present the potential for a failure of faith. I am going to risk saying each of us have our personal “place”.

I am in one today. As I was “looking” for Jesus, my phone rang. I answered and decided not to say the expected “fine” when asked how I was doing. Instead, I said I was struggling.

The person immediately said, “I will pray for you” and then did so with reference to identity and authority. I allowed her prayer to transfer my dilemma to the arms of Jesus. As she prayed I was able to exchange the yoke that was choking me to the one in which He carries the heavy load.

We took comfort in the promise that when two agree in prayer the answer is on the way. We acknowledged the precise timing of this phone call to me.

I don’t have an easy answer for how to find Jesus in “a place like this” but the scenario feels less desperate.

Maybe finding Jesus is not that elusive. Maybe Jesus was never lost!

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