I Know my Daddy

Yesterday I had a day with my granddaughter who has been eight years old for six days.

We planned our day together to include choosing and delivering some small gifts for people who are sick or in nursing homes,

Since her daddy was home with a cold we included him on our list. I asked, “What could we get for your daddy that would be really special?” This granddaughter quickly answered, “Cherries in a can”. Wanting to make sure this would really be a treat I asked if he would rather have big red cherries with stems. A confident smile confirmed her decision “I know my daddy”.

It was impossible to miss the impact of this statement.

Looking for ways to apply this to our relationship with our Father in heaven, I asked, “What needs to happen in order for you to say, “I know my Daddy”.

The answer she gave included, Listen to Him, Spend time with Him, Watch Him and Do things with Him.

As I absorbed these answers I knew they were an invitation for me to celebrate that I also know my “Daddy”, more formally called “Our Father in Heaven”.

Knowing Him gives me confidence. Knowing Him empowers me to make choices that will please Him.

Knowing Him makes me want to bring him something that will be special for Him today.

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