Journey to the Secret Place

“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High will remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty whose power no foe can withstand”. Psalm 91:1 Amplified.

This promise from Psalm 91 describes a place of refuge that stirs the longing of my heart.

But how do I find this dwelling place on days when nothing feels stable and nothing I touch is fixed.

“How do you find Jesus in a place like this”? (See blog from October 17, 2014).

One of the advantages to “Faith through aging eyes” is a trail of memories in which I have experienced Jesus running toward me at a faster more intentional pace than my hesitant stumbling towards Him.

Maybe I am asking the wrong question. Maybe there is nothing I need to “do” to find myself in this secret place.

Maybe, rather, I become still and give Jesus a chance to orient me to my surroundings; space to quiet me with His love.

As I lean on Him, I listen for His heartbeat.

It is only then that I recognize it is His hand that is leading mine and inviting me to dance to the rhythm He has designed for me.

When I hear only one heartbeat and the sound of one step I know I am in the secret place.

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