Can This Be Possible?

I learned this week that my prescription drug insurance does not meet the criteria for Medicare D exemption. This means that if I don’t enroll in Medicare now I will be penalized with higher premiums when I do enroll.

I learned the first step is to call Social Security.

The call to Social Security is answered by a pre-recorded message that explains that due to our government being shut down this office is handling emergencies only.

Does this mean that I can’t enroll? Can this be possible?

I then receive this email from a friend. The origin of the narrative below is unknown to me.

Leaving town Sunday…


Send this to your kids or relatives also so they know what happened to you.

To help save the economy, the Government will announce 
next month that the Immigration Department will start deporting 
seniors (instead of illegals) in order to lower Social Security 
and Medicare costs.

Older people are easier to catch and will not remember 
how to get back home. 
I started to cry when I thought of you. 
Then it dawned on me …. oh, shoot … 
I’ll see you on the bus!


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