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Faith through Aging Eyes

As a relatively “young” person assigned to ministry with Senior Adults, I deliberately chose to use the word “we” when addressing “our” group. Over the years, awareness gradually dawned: aging people look old to other people but they don’t feel … Continue reading

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A Good Name

A Good Name I have been asked to speak to a Senior Adult Fellowship on the topic “A Good Name.” It is never easy for me to prepare a talk when the subject is chosen for me. The idea of … Continue reading

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Can This Be Possible?

I learned this week that my prescription drug insurance does not meet the criteria for Medicare D exemption. This means that if I don’t enroll in Medicare now I will be penalized with higher premiums when I do enroll. I … Continue reading

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Letting God Get a Word In

We all have found ourselves in conversation with a person where we wonder if they will ever stop talking so we can get a word in. We are longing for dialogue but instead feel we are listening to a monologue. … Continue reading

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Long Live the Challenge

by Jean Roesler Long Live the Challenge! That’s the motto of the National Senior Games. Held this past June in Houston. I was privileged to be a participant in the 5k road race representing Wisconsin for my gender/age group, females 55 … Continue reading

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