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Loving the Prodigal at Easter

Since childhood, Easter Day has been for me a stunning penetration of ordinary life by the profound overarching power of God. There is no problem bigger than a dead Jesus and His power over death is that which is made … Continue reading

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God’s Prayer Requests

Listening to God and talking to Him seem to gain a renewed sense of mystery and privilege this week as we remember the price God paid to open this line of communication for us. God not only initiates prayer by … Continue reading

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A Prayer for My Friends

by Shirlee Vandegrift Listening Father, Our hearts and minds are full of conversations we have had recently with friends and relatives.  Because we are over 60 in many cases, much of our conversations have to do with illnesses.  We are … Continue reading

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It’sTime to Head Home

For the past year and a half the relentless recurrence of medical challenges has revealed the deep sacrificial love that is the fabric of this marriage. No one would have been critical if there had been some expression of lament from … Continue reading

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