A Prayer for My Friends

by Shirlee Vandegrift

Listening Father,

Our hearts and minds are full of conversations we have had recently with friends and relatives.  Because we are over 60 in many cases, much of our conversations have to do with illnesses.  We are ill or they are ill.  It is all too common.

A couple of days ago I spoke with a friend who was quite healthy until she was about 80. Then she began to have a series of health issues.  Her eyes were failing, so was her heart, her hip, etc.  For a person who worshipped You most of her life, Father, she wonders what is going on.  What struck me as the saddest remark from her was that she wasn’t able to pray much these days.

How many times have You heard that, Lord?   How often have You wanted to comfort one of Your children if only they would ask?  At a time when they need You most they withdraw and deny You the pleasure of sitting with them and holding their hand with Your healing hand or the pleasure of taking them home with You if that is your plan.

Loving Companion, forgive us.  We know You understand the seeming withdrawal.  It isn’t that You are loved less.  It is just so hard to be old and sick.

During this most difficult time we will pick up where our sick friends leave off, with prayers on their behalf.  May our words be what they would say if they were able, and may You respond to them in Your own special ever- present way that lets them know You are their God., always close and ever Sovereign.


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2 Responses to A Prayer for My Friends

  1. Lynn Klann says:

    Dear Roselyn, Your Prayers and Devotions have meant so much to me and also David lately. Dave has been experiencing many health problems so you can understand why they do mean so very much. It is, as you know not very easy being a care-giver, but Dave is my ever- loving husband and I feel Jesus by my side all of the time. Thank you for your services. In His Love, Lynn Klann

  2. Roselyn says:

    Thank you Lynn for your faithful walk. Thanks, too, for your comment. I welcome responses as I want to learn how to post things in a way that is of encouragement. We know joy and pain fit in the same place and that we need each other for this journey.

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