Do Our Prayers Reflect Our Core Beliefs?

I remember walking home with a cross culture worker in an Eastern country. The people who attended the prayer meeting were preparing for life work that would put their very lives at stake. As I reflected on the evening of praise and worship I asked, “You don’t pray very much about broken legs, do you?” The worship leader, not expecting this question said, “No, I guess we don’t.”

As I look at my own prayer patterns I am challenged to ask, “How many of the things I pray about have eternal impact?”

If a friend who is a follower of Jesus is struggling with physical pain, financial stress, and relational tension and another friend who does not have a God relationship is healthy, wealthy and relationally stabl,e which one rises to the top of my prayer list?

As senior adults’ aches and pains are uninvited guests who often overstay their welcome and sometimes move in to stay, I am NOT suggesting that we don’t ask our prayer groups to pray for our physical distress.  BUT, I am reminding myself that if I pray that my heart be broken for that which breaks God’s heart, I will be in passionate prayer for those who do not yet have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. AND, my prayers for my believing friends will include prayers for the transformation of their minds and heart in such a way that they reflect the image of Christ.

Who and what are you praying for today?

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2 Responses to Do Our Prayers Reflect Our Core Beliefs?

  1. Laurel Matchie says:

    The song that includes the words “Break my heart for what breaks Yours” was the catalyst for me coming to Thailand. It was a good reminder. Although I’m volunteering at two places, my life is getting busier and busier & I don’t feel I am in the place He has planned for me yet. The “Silverstrands” also was very interesting because I feel there are so many needs that many of my prayers are petitional rather than relational, one-on-one time with Jesus. So I need to busy-down and keep my eyes up. Thanks, Roselyn. Your thoughts inspire me time after time – I just usually don’t write & let you know!

  2. Roselyn says:

    Laurel, Thank you so much for your comment and for following God as He leads you even to places yet to be revealed. I am learning, when i am given a list of prayer requests, to ask God what He wants me to pray. Sometimes it is just for a part of the request. Then He has someone else in mind to pray for the rest. I am also learning that if He wants me to pray again He will bring that person/that request to mind.

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