Thinking of Jesus as a Fun Companion

We think of Jesus, rightly so, as our King. We think of Jesus, rightly so, as our Savior, We think of Jesus, rightly so, as our Shepherd. This list of titles can go on and on.

Today, without risking irreverence, I am thinking of Jesus as fun.

I would have loved to have been with Him when He designed the animals. We have a sign in our garage that says, “If you want the most comfortable seat in the house, move the cat!” If there is a square foot of sunshine on the living room carpet the cat is on it. I have two pillows that are on top of each other on my office floor. I meant to take them upstairs and put them on the bed again but my cat is lying on top of them both. I don’t have the heart to move the cat. Was Jesus thinking of me when He decided that it would be of great comfort to put a purr in a contented cat?

What about a monkey? Actions so like a baby that you could watch a little monkey all day.  Since there are no vocal cords the sounds need to be interpreted. Hunger, contentment, excitement, fear, affection are all easily recognized if we take the time to discern.

A mother cat carries a kitten by the neck and the kitten just dangles. A baby monkey needs to cling to its mother as the mother runs, jumps and climbs doing nothing to secure the baby monkey. It is up to the monkey to hang on.

I pray today that I will let Jesus pick me up and carry me as I trust Him completely and that I also cling to Him with tenacity as He runs His course.

I don’t need to choose one or the other. I don’t need to dissect or explain. Traveling with Jesus is an adventure that is diminished by explanations or understanding.  Have fun with Him today.

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