When a Nightmare Is a Wide-Awake Reality

I don’t often remember my dreams but there have been times when I have had a nightmare and I am so relieved when I wake up and am able to comfort myself with the realization that it wasn’t real; that it was a only a dream. But, what do I do when the nightmare happens in broad daylight when I am wide-awake and there is no escaping that it is actually happening? The suffering of someone you love can be an example of this. When you think that the worst is already happening, something worse is added.

I recognize that I have a bias that there should be a quota for how much suffering each person is allowed. I don’t see that “quota” respected in real life.

I recognize that I am driven to do something that will deescalate suffering for someone I love. I don’t see that I have the power to control suffering.

I believe that God is strong and God is loving.  This means He can and He cares enough to want to.

Is this a place where the Sacrifice of Praise needs to me made? Is this a place where I bring my analysis of what is happening regarding the friend I love and even my discouragement with the God I worship and lay it all on the alter.

When there is a sacrifice something needs to die.  Before I can praise I need to add my hopes, understandings and despair to the sacrificial fire and praise the God whose ways are higher than mine, whose love is deeper than mine, and whose power is greater than mine.

Today I am driven to offer the Sacrifice of Praise.  Will you sing with me?

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