How Long Do Flies Live?

I love to be with friends who ask questions I have never thought of. This week there were three of us driving around in a van looking for odds and ends that you need from time to time to make life work. This friend, whose questions often make me smile, had been trying hard to let a fly out of the back window of the van. After several unsuccessful attempts she asked, “How long do flies live?” The unspoken thought seemed to be, “Maybe it would be easier to just let it die a natural death.”

I googled the question on my I-phone and learned that the question had been asked before. I bypassed the news that they can lay 500 eggs and settled on the life span of one to four weeks.

Wanting to keep the conversation casual, I called to the back of the van and said, “I think that one will live about a week.”

“Oh, then,” answered my friend, “Let’s just let it have a nice life if it only has one week left.”

The driver of the van, who is a carpenter, offered to make it a casket. I started planning the memorial service.  It felt good to laugh.

Let yourself laugh today!!

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