Tell Me about the Red Cord

I met with an estimator today for installing new carpet in a bedroom. As I chose between carpet samples I showed him an adjacent room where the carpet had an open seam between the entrance and the main floor. (I remember this happened because the friend who cut the carpet didn’t realize it was upside down so the extension to cover the entrance was on the wrong end).

I’ve never been too concerned about this, but now that I am making this room into a prayer room I want to insert a red cord into the seam. This will be a tangible symbol of “drawing a blood line” when entering this sacred space.

I was deeply encouraged this morning when I looked up the meaning of “cord” in the Hebrew and learned that it meant, “hope, ground of hope, or things hoped for, outcome”. What a precious promise to claim as one enters a space designed for encounter with God.

But, back to the conversation with the carpet man.

I asked him if the installers could staple the red cord into the seam.

He said he had never had such a request so he didn’t know. He said he knew they could sew the carpet together.

I said, “No, I want the red cord in the seam”.

In response to the blank look on the man’s face I feebly said, “It’s for spiritual reasons”.

“Tell me about that”, he said, enthusiastically.

Forced now, into a confession of my faith, I explained that the cord symbolized a bloodline. I talked about the red cord that Rahab placed in her window and how it pointed to the redemption that is ours.

He said, “So then you are a believer in Jesus?”


“I am, too. That is a great idea. Perfect for a prayer room”.

The remainder of the time with this carpet salesman was one third about carpet and two thirds about God.

I hope that the carpet installers will staple the cord into the seam

I know that I will be less hesitant to give an answer to anyone who asks, about my red cord, for the hope that is within me.

Both believers and pre-believers are eager to know the Truth of Jesus.

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2 Responses to Tell Me about the Red Cord

  1. Deb Phillips says:

    Most excellent !

    Sent from my iPad

  2. rstaples2013 says:

    Thanks, Deb, for encouraging me to embrace the power of symbolic prophetic acts.

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