He Puts My Tears in a Bottle

When I am tempted to doubt God’s care for my sadness I am reminded from Psalm 56 that he keeps my tears in a bottle. They must be precious to Him.

I cherish the times in my life when I have an experience that leaves me with, “that must be just a glimpse of how God feels.”

Yesterday my six-year-old granddaughter was sad.

I wasn’t sure what the sadness was about but I knelt beside her and said, “I know you don’t have school next week. Why don’t we plan to have some special time together?”

In response, tears started flowing down her cheeks. She was not actively crying, just quietly shedding tears. She swallowed hard a couple of times and then said, “Maybe we could go for a doughnut.”

I said, “Come here and let Besta (my Norwegian name for Grandma) hold you.”

My thought, as she snuggled into my arms, is that if I have to drive across the whole country to find one, we will have a doughnut together next week.

If my feeble love can respond to tears with that resolve, how can I ever doubt the love response of the one who keeps my tears in a bottle?

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