Celebrating the Silver Lining

I made a phone call this week to a couple from our church fellowship. They are each 89 years old. The wife answered and said her husband, who is a retired physician, was at the hospital praying with patients. She said that his legs were bad so after he walks the equivalent of four blocks he would need to come home.

I mentioned I hadn’t seen them for a while and wanted to check in. She said they had so much to be thankful for but didn’t make it to church very often. I asked if I could renew their membership for them. She said, “Oh, yes, it is still our church. When we can’t get there we send our tithe in the mail.”

I asked if there was anything they needed. She responded that a couple from our church lived across the street and were very attentive. She did confess that she didn’t clean the way she did in the past but laughingly added that it didn’t really matter because neither one of  them see very well.

I reflected on the richness of this conversation, thanked God for the testimony of their story, hoped that this would be representative of my story and eventually conceded that I already look better in dim light.

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