On Tuesday I Ice Skate…

On Tuesday I Ice Skate…

I have been interested in connecting with a lady who has recently moved back to our area. She had been a significant volunteer ministry leader years ago and now, as a widow, has become a resident of a senior housing complex. Her quick smile, confident affect and energy made me unprepared for learning from her that she is 80 years old and a survivor of a heart attack, stroke and back surgery.

As we talked about her gifts and her available time for service she said, “I can’t help you on Tuesday mornings because every Tuesday morning I ice skate at the Petit Center.” I asked her to repeat this statement to ensure I was hearing correctly. She then said that when she was 62 years old her daughter gave her ice skating lessons as a birthday gift and she has enjoyed it ever since.

Sensing that I was intrigued she confided, “I ask Jesus to skate with me.”

When I asked if I could write about this activity on my blog she said, “Only if you say that this opportunity is open for all seniors. It really helps with balance and posture.” She did acknowledge that she has stopped doing some of the more demanding figures but only because she would not want to fall and dislodge her pacemaker wire.

May god give me grace to live until I die!

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