Love Wrapped in Power: a Christmas Prayer

Father in Heaven, We thank you that we can come to you as your children. Thank you that you welcome us and want to us to become familiar with your love and your power.

As we prepare for Christmas, we are confronted by your love. We pray that you will enable us to turn down the volume on all the distractions in our lives and turn up the volume on your coming as a baby to live among us. Because you came, Jesus, we have real life stories that teach us more about the character of God. Because you sent your Holy Spirit we can experience this life being lived through us.

For all of this we are beyond grateful.

As we contemplate you in the manger as a helpless baby, we ask that you give us grace to not leave you there. Thank you that Christmas and Easter are eternally linked. After laying down your life on the Cross you showed us your power by defeating death, our biggest enemy.

May Christmas this year be love wrapped in power.

Thank you that there is nothing I bring to you in prayer that you don’t care about. Thank you that there is nothing I bring to you in prayer that is too hard for you.

We worship you as the God of love and power and pray that we will live today in the carefree joy of parented children.

We ask this in Jesus Name. Amen

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