Sweet Memories

by Jean Roesler

Aunt Helen and Uncle Ed managed a farm for a well-known local family; but to me, it was always their farm. I loved visiting because I knew there would be cookies. My favorite was Aunt Helen’s sugar cookies which were big, soft, and of course, sugary. I could eat dozens; no wonder my nickname was Cookie Cheeks. Another favorite was the chocolate drops with chocolate frosting, topped with a walnut. Yum….

Our Sunday drives as a family often ended up with a visit to the farm. Sometimes my cousins would be there and we would play games in the fields, careful not to step on any cow pies. Dinner followed with fresh baked rolls, mashed potatoes, pot roast, and corn from the field, and fresh baked pie. How did she always have enough?

Aunt Helen and Uncle Ed were more like grandparents as mine had died when I was still young. It was Aunt Helen who stayed with my sister and me when my dad had one of his heart attacks. And Uncle Ed walked my sister down the aisle on her wedding day.

Aunt Helen would send me a birthday card every year, always with a verse from scripture. I wondered, “Why couldn’t she ever send me a funny card?”

In her later years, my mother would take Aunt Helen on weekend rides to see the fall colors. Her thoughts were always on her Lord and her writings illustrated her love and dependence on Him. My mother compiled some of her poems and other writings which I now have as a remembrance and instead of wondering why she never sent a funny card, I think of the spiritual legacy she left, and yes, the recipe for the sugar cookies!

Who in your life brings back sweet memories? Share your stories with us.

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2 Responses to Sweet Memories

  1. MaryAnn Rice says:

    Jean and other memory seekers,, Your blog opens memories for me on several levels, The passing of my beloved husband and plans to attend my 50th class reunion the first time in 15 years has me on a search into the past.
    Sugar cookies–AHH!! They were a favorite at our house.too. I inherited my sweet tooth from my Dad– who always included whatever dessert my Mom had made on his plate with his potatoes gravy etc because he was not a big eater and he wanted to he sure he didn’t miss up on the pie, cookies, fry cakes or whatever sweet Mom had for that meal.

    Sunday dinners sound much lie our except Chicken was the meat of choice for Snday

    Grandparents. I was and am still jealous of that wonderful part of a family tree. Mine were gone before I came along. So I improvised to fill the void. Two favorite aunts, a father of my aunts husband and CHarlie and Maudie a sweet old couple with a talking parrot. And lastly I included “Besta” my best friends Gramma in that elite circle.

    • Roselyn Staples says:

      Thanks for sharing your memories. It makes me smile, especially about the sugar cookies. I made some just this past week. I still remember Aunt Helen’s as being better.

      I’m thankful that you had special people in your life to fill the void of grandparents. God is good in that way!

      Enjoy the memories. I hope that our blog can trigger more and look forward to hearing more of your stories as you go down memory lane.


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