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No, Honey, There is Nothing Wrong

These words came to me from my massage therapist whom I called to tell that my muscles had a rebound effect to her work on my body. I was feeling increased pain and a general feeling that there was something … Continue reading

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God’s Interesting Intimacy

I have long been aware that God speaks to me in a myriad of ways. I love them all, but am especially intrigued by the times when He answers my heart cry with a melody. Usually, it is a song … Continue reading

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Dread No More

A common phrase that is used as an attempt to comfort someone is “waiting is the hardest place to be.” There are some who will actually say that bad news is easier to deal with than no news. Aging opens … Continue reading

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How Does It Feel to Be Left Behind?

by-Shirlee Vandegrift How does it feel to be left behind? Were you ever left, or did you do the leaving? It was over 50 years ago that three other mothers and I took turns driving our children to the various … Continue reading

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by Shirlee Vandegrift The word ‘scared’ should not have a place in the mind or mouth of a believer, should it?  Nor should the words “why,” “why me,” “why them” or any other words that indicate unbelief. I have been … Continue reading

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And Close the Path to Misery

Sometimes when I have trouble praying I go to my old hymnbook and look for something that will give me a jump-start. This morning I was impacted by these words from an advent hymn dated 1710. The first lines are … Continue reading

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Low Visibility

We walk by faith and not by sight. Yet, there are times, like now, for me, when I am reminded that I am still looking to see some assurance that God will show us mercy. Is it an oxymoron to … Continue reading

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