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Maybe we Paint an Onion

“What would you like us to do today on your 92nd birthday?” This was my question yesterday to my husband.  His immediate response was “Maybe we should paint an onion.” Given his dementia, I am usually not surprised by unexpected … Continue reading

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Cancel the Dementia Screening

One of the “companions” of aging is the unspoken question, “Am I starting to forget things that I should be remembering?” This question is a bit comical to me in that, having worked as a pastor in a church, I … Continue reading

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Grieving a Loss That Does Not Leave

No one who is grieving compares one grief to another. Pain and loss are personal, not categorical. Pain is what the suffering person says it is. It is experienced as such and there is no comfort in hearing about someone … Continue reading

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There Is Someone Home

Most of us have heard the crude remark, “the lights are on but nobody’s home” referring to someone with cognitive impairment. I recently found myself in conversation with a person whom, I have since learned, has a known diagnosis of … Continue reading

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Raising the Bar

I made arrangements this week to meet one of our Senior Adult men at a residential facility where his wife is being cared for in her last stages of life with dementia. The facility was attractive. The staff was welcoming … Continue reading

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Remembering Mama

I didn’t know that old people got lonesome for their mother. I thought that was an experience of young children. Sunday is Mother’s Day. My mother died five years ago at the age of ninety-one. We really lost her ten … Continue reading

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One Is Enough for Me!

I have been noticing that some of our aging men are coming for our large group teaching but leaving before the follow up small group discussion begins. I have wondered why, because these same men seem to do fine if … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Conversation

The following record of a conversation between my mother and me is an example of how we learned to talk to each other when she was diagnosed with severe dementia and needing help with basic physical care and astute supervision. … Continue reading

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Don’t Ask Me Again!!!

My mother kept asking the same questions.  It took me a couple of years to really face the fact that she asked again because she had no memory of having asked before. As her dementia progressed there were episodes where … Continue reading

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