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In the Master’s Hand

I couldn’t wait to get there. As I was driving the almost hour it took, I pondered why I was so looking forward to this particular morning with my friend. I recognized that it might be rational to dread it. … Continue reading

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Maybe we Paint an Onion

“What would you like us to do today on your 92nd birthday?” This was my question yesterday to my husband.  His immediate response was “Maybe we should paint an onion.” Given his dementia, I am usually not surprised by unexpected … Continue reading

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Love Through a New Lens

“Could we have a birthday party for Molly?” I answered, “Sure”, without really thinking much about what my adopted granddaughter was really wanting to do. It didn’t occur to me, at the time, that I had never even heard of … Continue reading

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Tape Reveals Family secret

I found an old cassette tape labeled “Mom and Dad”. After some searching I found a “Boom Box” that had the capacity to play cassette tapes. The first side was Mom playing a little electronic organ. I can picture her … Continue reading

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Seeing Beauty with Your Heart

On my first visit to Norway, decades ago now, I discovered a distant relative who lived in a remote mountain cottage. She was pointed out to me in the village where I was looking for ancestors. I took the risk … Continue reading

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