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Encountering Jesus on the Street

On my journey to know God more intimately I am working on spending the day in ongoing conversation with Him. This morning I said, “I’m not getting out of bed until you say something to me”. My tone was not … Continue reading

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Riding Without Training Wheels!

I had just asked God how He wanted to reveal Himself to me today when my phone notified me that someone had left a message. It was my seven-year-old granddaughter. (I gave myself permission to interrupt my reflective time with … Continue reading

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The Freedom to be the Receiver of Grace

 Yesterday someone told me that aging brings with it a resistance to being a receiver. A fear of dependence surfaces the childish response, “I can do it myself.”  An offer to help a person in such a place is likely … Continue reading

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Dying Slowly

by Shirlee Vandegrift The other day I was walking past the turned on television and heard an elderly man being interviewed about his impending death.  He had been sick for a long time and knew he didn’t have a much … Continue reading

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