Did Jesus really die?

             I was not prepared for this question.

            Lying on a treatment table in a medical clinic, under the care of this competent practitioner, my question was more about why it was taking so long for me to recover from my fractured shoulder.

            Her question, “Did Jesus really die?” shifted my focus from intractable shoulder pain to matters of eternity.

            I found myself responding to her by talking about God evidencing His love and justice in the story of Jesus. God loves us so much that he sent his son to die.   God’s intrinsic nature commands Justice. 

            I told her that on judgement day we could exchange our sin-stained garment for the purity of the one Jesus makes available.

            My therapist seemed to be in a place of deep reflection as she said, almost to herself, “…to think that I am loved that much…”

            I was quiet, but my unspoken question became, “I wonder if this prolonged protocol is about my shoulder at all?”

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