Being a Child of God

“The Robin and the Sparrow” Said the robin to the sparrow, “I should really like to know, Why these anxious human beings Rush about and worry so.” Said the sparrow to the robin, “Friend I think that it must be, That they have no Heavenly Father, Such as cares for you and me.” ― Elizabeth Cheney

During this season of political chaos, pandemic, civil unrest and economic uncertainty, what are we, as children of God proving to a watching world about the confidence we have in our Heavenly Father?

The events of this past week, January 06,2021, in our nation’s capital have been unimaginable. We find ourselves stunned. We bounce between shock and disbelief. But are we remembering that we have a God who is still on the throne? One who is without rival. One whose sovereign rule is unaffected by changes in political power.

Are we remembering that this sovereign king is, indeed, our Father, who watches over us with love and care?

Does our behavior in these days reflect our understanding of being a parented child? Does a child from a stable home have freedom to enjoy being a child while the parent protects and provides?

I am reminded of my days as a Children’s Pastor. My favorite week of the year was taking 9 through 11-year-old kids to a camp for a week. Most of them spent the week loving the adventure, taking new risks and having fun. Some of them, though, were homesick. They begged to call home, but when they did, they were even more restless. I learned over the years that generally, but not always, the kids that wanted to go home were not the ones from stable homes, but rather those where the family was in crisis. It could have been the fear of parents separating, financial stress or unresolved medical questions.  In these cases, the children felt needed at home, somehow insecure of leaving the parents in charge.

Can this sense of insecurity be one of the reasons we are struggling this week? I am not saying there is nothing to fear. I am not minimizing the danger we are in from many fronts.

But do we need to remind ourselves that there is no problem with our Heavenly Father’s stability, power and love. There is no conflict in the trinity. Father, Son and Holy Ghost are standing in unbroken unity. Our Father doesn’t need us to help him steady the ship. He is watching from His throne on High, not surprised by how these events are unfolding, and not without a plan. 

He will be victorious in this battle and we, as His children, will one day celebrate with Him.

Let’s give Him the joy any parent would want, that of their children trusting them for protection and provision. And let’s bring a smile to His face today by playing well with each other. 

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2 Responses to Being a Child of God

  1. nkardatzke says:

    Thanks for your wise, calming message. God is sovereign. Though we may never understand the events of the past week or the past 50 years, we know that we and the world are in His hands.

  2. rstaples2013 says:

    Thank you, Nyle! amen!.

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