Ponder with Me

What does foot washing look like today.

In my understanding, foot washing in the days of Jesus time on earth was an action done by someone who carried the identity of a servant. It was a humbling act in that the foot washer needed to kneel before the one whose foot he was washing. The sandaled foot would likely be contaminated with all that would be encountered on a road traveled by a variety of animals and careless humans.

The volunteer foot washer then, would be one who chooses to become a servant and is willing to expose oneself to unpleasant if not hazardous debris.

This begs the question: If I were to confront my friend today with a basin of water and wash her feet, would this be what Jesus meant when He said you have seen me wash your feet, now go and wash each other’s feet.

My action of washing my friends feet would provide for her an opportunity to remember this action initiated by Jesus. But my friend’s feet are not dirty. She took a shower this morning and is wearing clean socks.

What can I do today that would capture the meaning of what Jesus meant when He asked us to wash each other’s feet.

What does a servant role look like in my circle of friends?

What can I do for you today that would prompt you to say, “Oh that must be what Jesus meant when He said now that you have seen Me do this, go and do it.”

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