Leaning into Jesus

The story of John, who calls himself the disciple that Jesus loved, is compelling. At one point in the biblical story he is reclining next to Jesus resting his head on Him. When asked by the other disciples to check on something with Jesus, John leaned into Jesus chest and whispered.

This is what I want to do with Jesus.

I just got a text from my ten-year-old granddaughter. She said she is happy right now because she is texting me but she is sad because she wants me right next to her in real life.

I am happy right now because I can pray. I can pour out my heart to Jesus and He answers me.

But I long to be with Him in real life.

How do I lean into His chest and whisper during this chapter when I can experience His Presence but I can’t physically touch Him?

I know the answer to this is personal for each of us. I have friends who “soak” with worship music, others who encounter Him by talking to Him in their prayer language, some go for walks and “see” Him in the world He has created. Prayerfully reading His Word with a searching teachable heart draws others and then there is corporate worship.

I can stand with John and say I am the disciple that Jesus loves. Not because He loves me more than anyone else but because I am able to acknowledge His love and embrace it as mine.

Yet, I long for more. I don’t want to just text Jesus. I want Him right next to me in real life. I need to become better acquainted with the Holy Spirit.

I want to know Him and the power of His Resurrection

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