If Aging had an On/Off Switch


I glanced at a TV documentary of medical research on children that don’t age normally. One little girl was six years old chronologically but lived in the body and mind of a six-month-old child. A boy who had lived forty years had the body and mind of a ten-year-old child. Doctors were doing research to somehow release these children from the tragedy of not aging normally.

I wish I had watched the program more closely so I could write about it with more accuracy. It wasn’t until it was over that I was struck with the thought that the only thing worse than aging normally is not aging normally.

We are bombarded daily with new miracle procedures to reverse aging. How many famous people are stepping out to reveal their secret for tightening wrinkled skin? My own bias is that my skin will stay wrinkled and even get more wrinkled no matter what I do to it. The most effective thing I have found is to dim the bathroom lights. I look younger when I am in dim light.

Then there are products that will specifically address each and every body function promising a return to youthful vigor.

But why is aging an enemy to those of us who are on the fast track toward old and a missing friend to the children who are not experiencing this journey?

What would happen if we were to welcome signs and symptoms of aging? What if our goal would be to look our chronological age and be proud when someone says the age you are is the age you look.

What if we were to be gentle with ourselves when we realize that it takes us longer to do some things now than it did a couple of decades ago?

What if the stiff knee is a wink from our Creator that our bodies are only designed for temporary use?

I am not advocating careless inattention to our bodies. They are gifts from God and a temple of the Holy Spirit. We need to invest in physical, emotional mental and spiritual health.

I am only wondering if we have agreed with out culture that tells us that older people are less attractive and less valuable.

If I had and On/Off button for my own aging I don’t think I would push it.

I hope to live a long healthy life. I hope as I take this journey that it will be obvious to my friends that as I am aging I am gaining both wisdom and wrinkles.

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