Exchanging My Gear

I went to the Outfitter with a list for what I would need for my new journey.

I needed a new backpack so I started out searching for the perfect one. Other than shoes, the backpack is the most important from my perspective.

Since I have traveled before, I didn’t ask for assistance from the service staff. I had already been measured and I knew what a good fit felt like. I was attracted to a backpack with an appealing color. I tried it on and it felt familiar. It had hidden pockets, an attached rain protector and adjustable straps that were easy to secure.

Feeling confident that I had found what I was looking for, proud I had found it so quickly, I then checked the label. I found a company whose brand name was GRIEF manufactured it.

Well, no one sees the brand name so I’m not going to be bothered by that little stitched on label.

I decided to walk around the store sporting my new backpack and making sure there were no pressure points.

Inadvertently, I caught the eye of an outfitter who was keenly observing my intended purchase and me.

Knowing I was not asking for help, the encounter was begun with some gentle questions. He asked about my intended adventure, terrain, distance, and climate…as we talked, I recognized that I had met this outfitter before. He acknowledged the same and then offered some observations.

“Your posture has changed significantly since we outfitted you for your last journey. May I suggest you try a different brand today?”

Not wanting to offend, I agreed.

It would be hard to exaggerate my delight as I slipped into the gear this outfitter recommended. Finding it so comfortable, I slipped it off and looked for the label.

The brand name was GRATITUDE.





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2 Responses to Exchanging My Gear

  1. Sue Cargill says:

    Made my day!!🌞 Thank you.

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