Because He Loves Them

I know of a young man who is coming to Wisconsin from Houston for Christmas. When he married his beautiful young wife, almost three years ago, he was blessed with two delightful children, as well. The boy is now nine and the girl is seven. My observation of this man, of whom I write, is that he treats these children as his own.

After spending Christmas in Houston, as a family, he is bringing his children to Wisconsin during their break from school. His wife, the children’s mother, is staying in Houston because of her work schedule.

I’ve learned that the children are very excited to come. Our weather has done its best to provide a welcome with deep snow and freezing temperatures. I, too, am excited, eager to see the sparkle in the children’s eyes as they take in the wonder of our blanket of white.

Since Waukesha is the father’s home, I have not been surprised by the things he is planning to do with the children while here.

What did surprise me was that on the day they fly out of O’Hare he wants to leave early and show the children Chicago.

Why, I asked myself, would he choose the challenges of Chicago? (I must admit that I avoid Chicago when I can). But then, I am forgetting that Chicago is an exciting place for those who have never been. There are stunning sites for this father figure to show his children. There are memories to be made. After the day in Chicago the children will know him better, know his story, know his ways.

Yet, maybe there is another answer. Maybe, as a father, he is choosing to show his children Chicago simply because he loves them.

I wonder what adventure my heavenly Father has in store for me?

I wonder if I could bring Him joy by welcoming my upcoming season with the heart of a child.

Maybe the plans He has for me are simply because He loves me.

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