The Fellowship of Suffering

God gives us glimpses into His heart by inviting us in to the fellowship of suffering. Suffering is often a uniquely personal place that defies our known ways of sharing; defies our being understood. Therefore, that which is of itself painful is strengthened by loneliness.

But God, Who knows the whole story as well as our thoughts before we speak, gifts us with journeys that collide us with Him.

It is heartbreaking to know who a person longed to become and see the brokenness that is, instead, their reality. I see this when I review the broken dreams of my suffering friend and compare them to the dreams for which she has reached.

God sees my broken dreams and knows the dreams for which I have reached. On a deeper level, He sees the place where I am struggling projected against the background of what He intends for me.

God would be weeping except for the joy that wipes away His tears. He knows the end of the story that He has both written and redeemed. He knows that we are incapable of even dreaming all that He has in store for us, His children.

Therefore, God waits.

And, today, I am waiting with Him.



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