Keeping My Promise

Last night a friend asked me why I don’t write anymore.

I didn’t have an answer, at least one that I wanted to confess.

She said she missed reading my posts.

I promised her I would write today.

I asked her what she wanted me to write about. She said to write whatever was on my heart.

This is a tough assignment because I was processing a phone call I had received a few minutes before this one where I heard these crushing words, “I just want you to know that you have broken my heart. If I die, it will be from a broken heart”.

The story behind these words is not one that I can share in a post.

There is no one but Jesus Who can fully grasp the weight these words carry. He is the only One that I can talk to without trying to explain that which cannot be explained. He is the only One Who knows that my compassion for this hurting friend only grows as her suffering deepens. He is the only One Who knows the agony of my helplessness in failing to be a balm.

This morning I woke to a feeling of sadness.

I decided to attend to the ding of my I phone and found this message:

“The Lord brought you to mind this morning, and I have been praying for you. Remember; don’t look at your feet when you’re dancing with the King. I pray you were carried along in His strong Presence and leading in your life”.

These words are from a friend with whom I do not have regular contact. He would only have known my need for encouragement from listening to the Holy Spirit.

I am reminded of a song God gave me a few weeks ago:

“Open the window that I may see you                                                                                                   Open the door that I may walk through                                                                                              Into Your arms as you lead me along                                                                                                          To the beat of Your heart and the dance of Your Song”.

I’m glad I kept my promise to write today.

May anyone who reads this today join me in dancing with the King.
















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3 Responses to Keeping My Promise

  1. Suzan Braun says:


    Thank you for the sacrifice of writing and sharing— I needed this message that the Holy Spirit has been prompting from you too!

    You are loved and missed greatly here.

    Suzan Braun
    Just Between Us magazine

  2. Joann says:

    Ole’, May God greatly bless the person who sent the note to you. The Lord must have been working in other hearts also. I too thought of you yesterday AM during my devotions and while praying for Virgil. I wondered what was happening in your life that you were not writing. So you were prayed for all around. Thank you for being you and thinking of others as you go through some hard things in your life. You know how great our God and Father is. May we go, as Jesus commanded, and make disciples. Bless you girl. Freed

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