Only With My Dad

These words captured my attention today as I have been reading through the gospel of John with the specific purpose of watching Jesus do only what the Father directed Him to do and  say only what the Father said to say.

The context for this metaphor is a Father/Son team cleaning up my yard. The Father is a gifted landscaper. His work is stunning. He brought his son to work alongside him today.

I was interested in catching up with this son, as I had known him as a small boy. Now he is twenty-five years old, married, working and attending a Bible Institute.

I watched him cleaning up an overgrown area with a weed whip. I asked him if he did this type of work, too.

His answer was immediate and definitive, “Only with my Dad”.

I smiled and then asked him if a bush that was growing over our steps was a weed. Again, there was no hesitancy as he said, “I don’t know, we’ll have to ask my Dad”.

As I watched these men work, I saw them having fun. The Father had the plan and made the decisions. The Son followed instructions, asked for advice and was quick to say thank you  to his Father.

They were fun to watch because they were having fun together. There was mutual respect and each spoke well of each other.Next week they are going to Great America to risk the rides. The son was proud that his father would actually do this. I imagine sixty seems old to him. I know it did to when I was twenty-five.

It was good to have a picture of a son watching His Father carefully and only do what His Father said to do.

I’m glad that n this metaphor that they were having fun. I think our heavenly Father and Jesus have fun too.

During their “break” I asked this Father/Son team their opinion on hanging some pictures in my great room. Before I knew it, they were on a mission to get it done.


When the son needed to leave early, before the work was done, I asked if they wanted to be paid separately. “Oh, no, said the son, “I owe Him. He fixed my car yesterday.”

I appreciate God giving me a picture today of that which my heart longs for.

I want to do what my Father tells me to do. I want to say what He tells me to do. I want to have fun as we do it together.

I’m hoping he doesn’t want to strap into the rides of Great America but if Papa God wants to go, I’ll be there with Him

Only with my Dad.




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  1. Shanthini Baskaran says:

    love this!

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