The Fragrance of Thank You!

My friend called me this morning from her vacation spot one state away.We started out talking fervently about nothing, as friends do.

But then she told me about her flight. This friend was seated next to a woman who was obviously tired, dozing off even while the passengers were boarding.

Settling into her middle seat, my friend sat quietly for the hour-long flight. She used this time to say, “Thank You” to God for His goodness to her.

As the plane landed, her tired seatmate turned and told my friend how good it had been to be seated next to her.

This comment came as a surprise. How can it have been a good experience when I have said nothing?

Extending her silence my friend listened as this tired seatmate told of her exhaustion from traveling extensively, juggling four children with a demanding career. “My friends tell me I work too much”

Sensing an opportunity, my friend gently suggested taking 15 minutes out of every day to quietly read the bible.

This prompted the question, “Do you meditate?”

“Only on the word of God”.

Welcoming this advice, the tired seatmate again surprised my friend by saying, “You smell so good”.

As I listened, I recognized that the fragrance of Thank You had permeated the environment around my friend. Without uttering a word, the atmosphere had invited this tired seatmate to share her life and become open to a road toward peace.

I wonder how often I am aware that what is going on inside of me has a direct impact and what is going on around me.

Today I want to posture my heart toward gratitude and joy.

May we learn to “smell so good” that those around us ask for the reason for the hope that is in us.

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  1. Deb Phillips says:

    Yes! Awesome revelation!

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