I’m Home

After driving for 30 hours over a span of 7 days my critically ill friend visually soaked in the desert of southern Nevada and simply said, “I’m home.”

This friend, who I genuinely embrace as my BFF, has suffered unrelentingly and now increasingly over the past several years. This winter she recognized that she could no longer tolerate cold weather.

As I listened to her and observed the agony of her body and mind I recognized that even though she was too worn down to make a major move it was our only chance to infuse some hope.

So we loaded the van and drove each day as far as she could tolerate.

Motel stops were complicated by the need to register her two little pets and the big bags of supplies they needed.

Now we had arrived to the environment this friend had known as a child. As I visually soaked in this desert I was surprised to learn that it was stunningly beautiful to me as well. Though, I must confess, it is a different kind of beauty than I have appreciated. I will typically look for tall pines, water and wheat fields.

I asked my friend to tell me what she saw that prompted her to say she was home. She answered, “The rocks, look at those amazing rocks. The foothills of the mountains, the palm trees, the cactus, the tiled roofs, the stucco houses, the warm air the bright sun”.

She again announced resolutely “I’m home”.

This will be a literal as well as figurative statement as she is too weak to make the trip back.

I will settle her here and fly back. I trust it will be a place of healing.

As I reflect on this journey, I know that someday each of us that know Jesus will say, “I’m home”. And as we gaze into His eyes we will say to each other, “Look at Him, Our Amazing Rock”.

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