Throwing a Red Flag

The line between excitement and anxiety is thin when watching a -football game.

All of that changes if we are watching a recording of this same game now knowing the final score.

Let’s consider this scene:

Our team is behind by one score. We are in the final two minutes. Our quarterback throws a long pass that gets us into the red zone. To our dismay, the officials on the field rule it an incomplete pass. We groan.

But then, our head coach throws a red flag on to the ground. Hope springs.

After an agonizing wait the referee walks back on to the field and speaks the words we long to hear, “After review, the ruling on the field has been changed. The pass is complete. The challenging team will not be charged a time out.’ Then, with a wave of his hand, he announces “First and goal.”

Is it too much of a stretch to draw an analogy to some of the plays that make up daily life.

Let’s take a dream that you have had for a long time. You have put spiritual, emotional and physical energy into accomplishing this goal. Then, when the end is in sight, the dream looks like it is shattering. The enemy quickly steps up and signals, “You have dropped the ball”.

Hope fades.

But then, a red flag appears on the field. It is thrown by the Holy Spirit It is soaked in the blood of Jesus. He reminds the enemy that He has no power to define the destiny of the believer. The enemy has been disarmed at the cross. The defeat that is being predicted is not true.

The blood of Jesus is all the enemy has to hear to recognize that the initial call will be reversed.

Today may look like we are losing the battle. But let’s keep our eyes pealed for the red flag. Let’s not forget that we have the option of watching the replay now. We know the final score.

Yes, wee already know that victory is ours. Jesus paid the price. The Holy Spirit throws the flag. The enemy flees.

It’s time to celebrate. We know the end of the story.

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