Fox Hole Evangelism

My Koi pond needs an aerator to keep the fish alive during the winter season.

I have been unsuccessful in scheduling my usual professional pond service this fall.

So, rather than pondering my seven Koi friends gasping for air, I asked a friend who has never done this to help me. He came with another friend who had never done it either.

Together we devised a plan where we buried the aerator pump with rocks in a basket and strung some rope through the basket with enough slack to allow each person to hold the rope, stand on opposing edges of the pond and gradually lower the basket. I held on to the electrical cord that would need to be plugged in.

The “team” felt confident that the basket was secure in the deepest spot of the pond.

I haven’t mentioned yet that it was freezing cold and we were all standing in ankle deep water.

With the electric plug in my hand I asked, “Who knows Jesus?”

Both of my helpers were a but taken aback by the question but said they did.

I then explained that the reason I asked is that whoever places the plug into the electrical outlet will probably die and I didn’t want to be responsible for sending anyone to hell.

I then plugged the cord in myself and we all celebrated as the bubbles rose to the water level of the pond.

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