A Christmas Gift Idea

What do you buy your parents or grandparents for Christmas?

1743613_756518774397319_6494778392282804164_nThis book is easy to buy at Amazon http://amzn.to/1bL65u2

See comments below for confidence that this is a great gift.

Faith Through Aging Eyes explores the many ways our ordinary encounters with life become windows into intimacy with our Creator, especially as we age. These short, powerful stories are a source of hope and encouragement to anyone on this journey themselves or walking the road with an aging parent or friend. In each experience shared, you will find powerful points to be contemplated and applied to the everyday issues of life. They prompt us to look for Jesus in our own stories.

Faith Through Aging Eyes is a must read for senior adults and those who love them.

“I couldn’t put it down. These thoughts on faith touched me deeply. So simply written, yet powerful in meaning.”

“A simplicity that leads to profound thoughts. Faith stories that are inviting for the unbeliever.”

“I loved it and am buying another copy for my mother.”

“Read this book together with a friend. You will be blessed.”

“These stories tug at my soul and bring a tear to my eye.”

“Each story begs me to read the next story. I’m loving it. It is special.

I loved this book. Each story is like a short meditation, or thought on an everyday event, but the author’s storytelling is very engaging. You can read as much or as little as you have time for. I think you will be encouraged, you will be challenged, and you will begin to see common occurrences in a new and holy way. Though the book is written for seniors, I think anyone on a faith journey with Jesus will love it. (I did, and I’m not a senior!)

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