People Pass Me on the Trail

That is what happens when your body ages

I wonder why we try so hard to convince others and ourselves that this is not true.

Why are anti-aging creams, oils, and even surgery so popular?

My husband’s mother once told him, “You are going to get old if you don’t die early”.

Why do we put ourselves in this “no win” dilemma? We don’t want to die early but we don’t want to get old.

As I was walking today, on the recreational trail behind out house, a young couple, speaking a language I did not understand, passed me up. They seemed to be walking casually, yet their pace was far faster than the one I was exerting effort to maintain.

I wonder if one of the big challenges to aging well is really embracing the fact that our physical bodies are designed for temporary use.

If we can embrace this truth, we will not have to fight so hard to deny it.

It’s easier; of course, if we know that our spirit, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, will never get old or sick.

In the Spirit, I will consistently pass myself up on the trail because my best spiritual days are ahead of me. I can’t wait to see what Papa God has in mind for me.

With that as my focus, I will take good care of this tent that I now live in.

But, because I know from where I have come, whose I am, and where I am going it is actually fun when younger people pass me on the trail.

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