Taking Time to Unsubscribe

This morning I am paying attention to all the emails that I have habitually deleted only to find another amazing offer from this uninvited inbox guest.

As I unsubscribe, I receive a friendly warning of how deprived my life will be without these notices.

Yet, I confidently find the small faint option that allows me to stop this email. It takes perseverance as the “unsubscribe” box is powerfully overshadowed by bold colored options to accept or continue.

As I reflect on my new season, (this is the fourth day that I have not gone into the office or checked email from work) I wonder if there are many intrusions into my life from which I want to unsubscribe .

As I consider this, I notice that much of the junk mail directed toward my heart actually originates with me. Yes, I am the sender.

I invite you to take some time and check out the messages that you are embracing.

Some come from God, some from our enemy and some from ourselves. Guided by the Holy Spirit we can embrace and delete. Just remember that if you never want the message again you have to unsubscribe. That’s one step deeper than deleting.

“Sum up at night what thou hast done by day. And in the morning what thou hast to do. Dress and undress thy soul. Mark the decay and growth of it.”

 George Herbert

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