Come as You Are

Today my friend is celebrating 80 years of life.

I called to ask what she was doing.

She said “Nothing”.

I said I was trying to decide if I should take a shower, dress up and drive over or just come as I am and walk over.

She said all “All I know is that you should come as you are”.

I decided to walk.

It was almost 7 miles. As I approached, it seemed like I should be bringing a gift. So, I pulled a twig off a tree and stuck it in my water bottle.

She was delighted to see me and placed my “gift” in a place of honor.

Today I considered how I should approach God for a time of intentional worship.

He said He didn’t care other than “Come as you are”.

He took delight in my gifts. The kind of delight a parent shows when a child brings a bouquet of wildflowers or that an 80 year old friend shows when you pull a twig off a tree, stick it in a water bottle and present it as a gift.

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