God’s Interesting Intimacy

I have long been aware that God speaks to me in a myriad of ways. I love them all, but am especially intrigued by the times when He answers my heart cry with a melody.

Usually, it is a song I have heard before but I can’t remember the words. Because I know it is a personal message to me from Papa God I am driven to find the words.

I start by rehearsing the melody. Gradually, phrases come to mind. Often, a hymnbook has helped me find the song and discern what Papa is saying. Now I have learned that when I Google the phrases I find my treasure.

This very thing happened this morning.

I was in a very tense place. My heart was broken and the way forward looked foreboding.

I decided to go for a walk to clear my thoughts and talk to God. As we discussed this dilemma a tune came into my head. It was vaguely familiar but I couldn’t think of one word. Knowing the words come gradually, I kept reviewing the melody grasping for some phrases.

Tonight, to my delight, I found the song. It speaks with penetrating intimacy into my story.

Check it out on you tube. It is “Be Not Afraid” by John Michael Talbot. Harsh Realm produced the version I stumbled upon. This video was meaningful to me because I love to walk. I’d encourage you to watch/listen to different versions and embrace the one that speaks to you.

Imagine hearing the tune first, then being blessed as your heart encounters the words and finally, ending the day with overflowing gratitude for the interesting intimacy of God.

He rejoices over us with singing.

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