This Time Between

I don’t have a job. I don’t have an income. I don’t have a position.

When someone asks me what I do, all I can say is what I used to do.

I don’t have anyplace I need to go where someone is expecting me.

These words sound sadder than they feel to me. Maybe the reality   has not hit me yet, or maybe being known for what I do has never really been important to me.

Actually, all this happened because I have told the church where I have been employed for 30 years that I will not be working there anymore. That’s because I have done what I was called to do.

Some people have congratulated me on my retirement. I don’t understand why they say that because I don’t see not working as an accomplishment that deserves recognition. I guess I really don’t like being described as “retired”. That’s not Kingdom language.

It feels more like being on a journey where the Creator of my itinerary did not arrange a direct flight.

So now, I am at a layover point.

I know I will transfer but I have not yet seen when the next flight is scheduled or its destination.

Until I hear, I am going to enjoy being.

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