I Decided to do it Today

I know how to keep my body at a healthy weight.

I really can’t explain why, but for the last several weeks, even maybe few months, I have just eaten anything I wanted to eat. I have a friend who is faithful on a “see food diet”. He explains that when he sees food and is hungry he eats it. Maybe I have joined him on this path.

But for me, my clothes are fitting tighter and yesterday when I finally got up the courage to step on the scale I had no way of denying that I had gained ten pounds.

In an effort to shock myself I calculated that if I gain two pounds a month for ten years and add that to my current weight I will weigh three hundred and eighty five pounds. I’ll let you do the math if you are interested in what I weigh today.

So, it is easier to lose ten pounds than two hundred and forty. Therefore, today, I paid attention not only to what I was eating but also how much. I have renewed my friendship with water. I resurrected an old habit of walking on the treadmill.

I have a history of being successful with this agenda when I set my mind to it.

I remember, when I was studying nursing, spending some time on a Unit titled TOPS. This acronym stood for Take Off Pounds Sensibly.

As I witnessed the challenge of this program I reckoned that a choice has to be made between being hungry or fat. It’s just that simple.

Now I know there are many nutritional marketers that say you don’t have to be hungry to be healthy. I also know there are many people who struggle with obesity for reasons other than personal choice.

Let me just say for me, today, I am choosing to be hungry.

I hope no one asks me why I wrote this blog because I have no reason to write it and no reason to think anyone will be interested in reading it.

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1 Response to I Decided to do it Today

  1. Angela Batterman says:

    I love how real you are, Roselyn! It is very refreshing to see that even spiritual giants in our lives wrestle with these things. Self control is the last fruit of the Spirit listed…maybe that’s because so much of our life journey (at least in my life I found this to be true) this is a fruit that needs extra growth…hence the extra pruning!

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