Weakened by Joy

I found myself so overcome with joy this week that I was too weak to pray.

My thoughts went to the teaching in Romans where we learn that the Holy Spirit helps us. It says that the Spirit intercedes for us in our weakness with groans that words cannot express.  I looked at that scripture in Romans 8:26 to see if there would be a way to relate the weakness referenced there to joy. I didn’t find anything that would give me freedom to make this application. The context is weakness due to unrealized hope.

Yet, I found myself weakened by joy. I was watching God break through bondages that have been resistant for decades. I was hearing answers to prayers that had been prayed for so long that they were at risk of being repeated without faith.

I would have expected myself to break into unfettered worship. But all I could do was lay my head on Jesus lap. And, there, I found the Holy Spirit praying for me in groans that words cannot express.

I recognized that I had a front row seat watching God be God.

The rambling of this blog evidences that I am still in awe. I am going to post this as it is. I stand in awe of God and I never want to grow out of it.

My faith through aging eyes has been strengthened as I have been weakened by joy.

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2 Responses to Weakened by Joy

  1. jody kanters says:

    Knowing that God brought you to this wonderful place to give you an express, intrinsic gift, which is Himself, I rejoice with you, and encourage you to remain in that wonderful place! After all, His desire has always been to get us to jump up on His lap and receive. Hallelujah!

  2. rstaples2013 says:

    Thank you, Jody. I am not surprised to see your response to this one. I am determined to stay in this place even as that which I see wavers. God, in His grace, is giving me a glimpse into what it will be when it is on earth as it is in heaven.

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