Answering the Door

Aging eyes shape our responses to many activities of daily living. Years of experience have taught that it is wise to know who is at the door before you throw it open and welcome them in.

This caution is also important in screening thoughts that knock on the door of our mind and ask if they can spend the day.

Some visitors need to be acknowledged but not entertained.

Walk with me through an imaginary scene:

The doorbell rings. Aging eyes shuffles down the hall and with trembling hand turns the dead bolt. “Good Morning’. The visitor responds, “Good Morning, My name is Anxiety and I have come to hang out with you today. Before Aging Eyes can answer Anxiety continues, “You know your bank account is running low, your son’s marriage is not very stable and then there is that dark spot on your face. It could be cancer. There are a lot of things we could chew on today”.

Aging Eye’s throat begins to tighten. She doesn’t want to be rude but she isn’t up to this company today.

To her relief, another figure is approaching this same door. His name is Presence. He also says, “Good Morning”, “I am so looking forward to being with you today. Together we can review the promises of Papa’s provision for you. He knows your needs before you ask. And I can’t wait to tell you that your prayers for your son are banging around heaven like fire crackers. Angels are being dispatched. Brace yourself for celebration. And, I know I am rambling on here, but Papa knows about that spot on your face. I haven’t heard yet if He is going to have the doctor spray something on it or if He will just breathe on it Himself. All I know for sure is that He intends for you to be at peace and for Him to have glory.”

Aging eyes throat began to relax and a smile crossed her face.

She knew which guest she would dismiss and which one she would welcome.

It would be great to be together with Presence. She would speak out loud the hope that she did not yet see but it was as good as done because the One Who promised cannot lie.

Who is knocking on the door of your heart today? Who will you acknowledge and Whom will you entertain?

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1 Response to Answering the Door

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is so good. I want to entertain Presence! In His Presence is fullness of Joy!

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